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Drawings and animations of realistic violent forced sex comics and darkest extreme fantasies.

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Cruel BDSM Comics

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Cruel BDSM Comics
This new site features BDSM comics with incredible cruel painful sex of slavegirls with filthy males making their most perverted fantasies true. Over 150 high quality downloadable comics.

One girls sister and her boyfriend catch her and fucked

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Like violent sex comics with a storyline? Violent Comix shows you exactly how it happened, from the moment they meet to when the rapist has his cock deep in her ass while she screams for mercy! These are amazingly drawn, realistic, raw and violent forced sex comics, the likes of which you have NEVER seen before.

Wanna see how one girls sister and her boyfriend catch her and fucked?

Can't wait to see that tasty chick shouting and getting fucked with a strapon? Need more cruel violent stories? They are here!

Britney Spears abducted and brutally fucked

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Oh... You couldn't expect this!
You'll see the most excitement show with Britney.

After a concert in Miami, Britney Spears abducted and brutally fucked. The full story, you can see on the VIOLENTCOMIX.
If you think you have seen it all, think again. Gary Roberts has made a massive collection of sick porn animation and drawings, and the folks at VIOLENT COMIX have spent an insane amount of money getting exclusive rights to it all.

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